Pro Stainless Expands Sales Territory to Include New York

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December 27, 2016
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January 19, 2017

Pro Stainless Expands Sales Territory to Include New York


Pro Stainless Expands Sales Territory to Include New York

January 3, 2017: Pro Stainless, San Jose, California’s leading fastener distribution company, has expanded its sales territory to include New York.  The western based company is expanding to the East Coast with a new Sales Representative whose primary responsibilities will be to call on vendors as well as existing and future customers.

Effective January 1, 2017, Pro Stainless added Gabrielle Grenier to its list of long term employees.  The family-owned and operated business is approaching its 37th year in business and has naturally expanded to include the daughter of owner, Barry Grenier.

“Pro Stainless prides itself on being a family-owned and operated business.  It’s only natural to include my daughter in future plans to secure the growth and stability of Pro Stainless.  Gabrielle brings with her solid marketing foundations and principles as well as excellent business acumen.  With 10 years of solid experience on her own, we look forward to merging as both a father and daughter team as well as an eastern-western partnership.”

Pro Stainless is a fastener supplier to companies all around the world, so creating a solid presence in New York makes sense for both the short and long term. With eastern companies already doing business with Pro Stainless, it’s a natural progression for a Sales Representative in New York to serve as a physical point of contact for our vendors and to grow the business.

“I am very proud to introduce Gabrielle to my vendors as my daughter and the future of Pro Stainless.  In time, we will transition Gabrielle to run the company with the same morals and values that I have instilled in my company. Knowing that Pro Stainless will remain a family-owned and operated business creates a sense of ease and comfort for our employees as well as our customers.  We aren’t going anywhere; we are just smart enough to transition to the next phase while remaining true to the values we established when we first started this business.”

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