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JIT Program


Fastener Stocking JIT Program

For many OEMs, getting low-cost quality products onto the production floor without shortages is an ongoing challenge. Running out of even the simplest parts can threaten the shutdown of an entire production line and require purchasers to scramble to fly them in at extra cost and headache. If this is you then consider our fastener stocking JIT program.

If you are a customer who finds yourself always buying fasteners and electronic hardware and are struggling to keep up with the demand, Pro Stainless’ just-in-time (JIT) fastener stocking program may be the perfect solution for you.

JIT programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We begin by developing a list of products that are used in production, along with estimated usage rates. Then, working with the customer, we agree upon a purchase order with a set contract time period and a not-to-exceed dollar amount.

A specific stocking location is designated, where we then provide bins to store each part. We label them with the part number, description, and other information for easy reordering. Once the bins are stocked, we monitor their contents and reorder any items that fall below pre-specified levels. On the next visit, we replenish those inventories, check all bin contents again, and reorder more stock as needed.

By shifting materials management responsibilities to Pro Stainless, our customers can remove these low-cost components from their MRPs, freeing up additional time for planners, buyers, expediters, and warehouse personnel. This program can simplify the vendor base, lower freight costs, and — most importantly — eliminate downtime due to hardware shortages.

Our customers are the biggest supporters of our JIT program because of the success they realize from them. One OEM recently reported that it saved close to $200,000, primarily in administrative costs, after only one year in our JIT program.
Our JIT Program works in real time, allowing orders to be placed with our state-of-the-art iPhone order entry system.

Orders taken in the field can be in our warehouse to be filled within a matter of minutes.
Contact us to learn more about how our JIT fastener stocking program can benefit you.
We can even supply you with a list of references to contact if you want to learn more about the program from a customer’s perspective.

If you have questions, please call our friendly customer service: 408-437-0600