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Customer Service


Focusing on Customer Service

Pro Stainless has been an industry leader for fasteners and other products because of our commitment to customer service.
We consider our two greatest assets our customers and our staff, and we treat both with the utmost respect.
Our dedication, stability, and commitment to excellence are a philosophy that will continue to contribute to the success and growth of Pro Stainless and our customers in this century, just as it did in the last.

Employee Retention is Key to Customer Care

With a combined 269 years of business experience working in one facility, our employees remain an integral part of the success of Pro Stainless, coming second in line to no one. We are an extension of our own families and that loyalty separates us from our competition.

Part of our customer success is our belief in old-fashion values. Something as simple as picking up the phone when our customers call can make all of the difference in the world. Knowing their name and affiliation within the organization is important to serving their needs, and we are proud of our customer recognition.

With a remarkably low turnover rate, many of our employees have been with Pro Stainless throughout the decades, and our customers are able to speak with the same contact day after day. And because we are all aware of the business, there is going to be someone who can answer your question or find out the answer for you in the event your primary contact is on vacation or out of the office.

We will go above and beyond to provide outstanding quality products, personal service that keeps us accountable, and a low price.

We know that customers appreciate our personal service, as they have even included our staff in their own personal milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries!
Now that is a true testament to our outstanding customer loyalty and recognition.

Remaining Loyal to Old-Fashion Values

At Pro Stainless, we remain true to the original values upon which we started our business: quality, integrity, knowledge and stability. These four principals are what we stake our name and our reputation, and we hold firmly that these are the lasting values that have made us successful as a business and as a partner to our customers.

While technology keeps us alert and aware of the changing demands of the time, we refuse to compromise on the values for which Pro Stainless was formed over 35 years ago.

If you have questions, please call our friendly customer service: 408-437-0600