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Without fasteners our world would literally fall apart.

When Pro Stainless began selling stainless steel nuts bolts back in 1980, we underestimated the effect fasteners, or fastners as some people spell it, would have on the ever advancing industries that have since be developed.

Fasteners of almost ever material

Today we are finding that our growing customer base has a growing need for all types of fasteners. As a consequence, since our early days of supplying stainless steel products, we have grown our inventory to include fasteners made of almost every type and material imaginable: plastic, titanium, bronze, brass, aluminum, coated products, and more.

Let the fastener professionals at Pro Stainless help

Depending on your application, it’s important to choose the correct type and material of fastener. Environmental considerations also need to be considered, as do, physical stress requirements, weight, and even re-usability. Our sales team is experienced in assisting customers in product selection, and, should the need arise, our technical staff can additional information to ensure the best solution.

The professionals at Pro Stainless can assist you with choosing the correct type of part for your needs while keeping in mind your budget. No matter what application you have, we have probably seen it before and can provide the necessary guidance in helping you select the best solution for the specific job you need it to do. What's more, we can assist you further by providing the selected fasteners you need via our Just In Time program or kitting program. Both of these programs can make your life easier while saving you time and money.

Our exceptional customer service has allowed us to grow and service a global list of customers. We are proud to provide knowledge, expertise, and confidence, as well as a full inventory of fasteners, many of which are already in our warehouse.