Quality, Integrity, Knowledge, and Stability

At Pro Stainless, we remain true to the original values upon which we started our business: quality, integrity, knowledge and stability.

These four principals are what we stake our name and our reputation, and we hold firmly that these are the lasting values that have made us successful as a business and as a partner to our customers.

While technology keeps us alert and aware of the changing demands of the time, we refuse to compromise on the values for which Pro Stainless was formed over 35 years ago.

What Our Clients Say

Pro-Stainless’s service and selection is outstanding. It’s rare that they don’t have what parts we’re looking for in stock, or at the least, available within days. Their vendor managed inventory system has helped reduce our down time by insuring that we always have the parts we need on hand.

Eric - Manufacturing Manager - Underground detection equipment manufacturer

Our inventory is based on our customers' needs and while our main focus has always been fasteners, we stock a diverse range of other products, too.

We also stock many types of electro-mechanical products such as
  • wire ties
  • heat shrink tubing
  • spacers / standoffs
  • solderless terminals
  • and more
We have stocked items as diverse as:
  • toothpicks
  • aluminum foil
  • step stools
  • casters
  • hand tools
  • sandpaper
  • and more
Along with thousands of other items that your business may need.

If you have questions, please call our friendly customer service: 408-437-0600