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Our Products

While fasteners are our primary focus, Pro Stainless supplies other products.
Our inventory is based upon our customers' needs. For example, we have stocked items as diverse as: aluminum foil, step stools, casters, hand tools and sandpaper. We also stock many types of electro-mechanical products such as wire ties, heat shrink tubing, spacers and standoffs and solderless terminals, along with thousands of other items that your business may need.



At Pro Stainless, we take pride in every facet of our business.  Our warehouse is the backbone of our industry, and we are proud of the endeavors we have taken to make it a fluid and flexible part of our system.

We have more than 40,000 line items in our system, maintaining stock of more than 18,000 of them in our warehouse. Our warehouse is meticulously detailed with internal product codes, lot control numbers, individual bins for each item and corresponding bulk locations when needed. Ultra-precise electronic counting scales are used to ensure product counts are accurate.
We do our part to maintain a green environment, preferring to use plastic containers to ship our parts instead of boxes.
We recycle all our excess cardboard and paper.


Warehouse Staff

Our warehouse staff ensures efficiency, speed, and quality of merchandise. Each member of the warehouse is cross-trained in shipping, receiving, and packaging.

Our dedicated warehouse staff has been with Pro Stainless an average of 11 years, ensuring years of valuable service to our customers who can count on the same people year after year.




At Pro Stainless, we tailor our inventory to your needs, making sure we have the right parts when you need them and in the quantity you desire. We hand-pack the orders and are happy to separate the inventory into separate quantities tailored toward your needs. Although we have one of the largest product selections in the industry, we consider customer service to be our No. 1 product. Whether customers utilize our JIT stocking program or purchase parts through our inside and outside sales teams, we’ll do everything we can to meet their needs quickly and with a smile.

Keeping Safety at the Forefront of our Objectives
Our employees are our family, and their safety is a top concern. Pro Stainless is proud of our efficient safety and protocol measures, continually meeting or exceeding OSHA requirements and never having a claim or safety issue.

If you have questions, please call our friendly customer service: 408-437-0600