A fastener distributor that stands out from the rest

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December 26, 2016
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January 19, 2017

A fastener distributor that stands out from the rest

Looking for a Fastener Distributor that stands out?

You are looking for fasteners so you search for a fastener distributor – seems simple enough until you see a long list of potential suppliers. At this point it is easy to think that all distributors are the same but in fact not all fastener distributors are created equal.

When Pro Stainless first began in 1980, it started with the idea that customer service was at the heart of our business. Since our inception, we have become a global fastener distributor, growing our client base without changing our values.

In 2016, we realized that we needed to update our website and have a presence on social media. These changes will make us stronger and more valuable to our clients.  We still remain a thriving family-owned, family-run business, offering personal service and so much more. That will never change.

Pro Stainless fastener distributor - Just In Time Program

Here’s what makes Pro Stainless a fastener distributor that stands apart from our competition.

Old-fashioned values – we remain steadfast to the idea that answering the phone and having our clients be able to talk to someone is an invaluable service that is dwindling with the age of technology. In fact, we don’t turn on the answering machine, preferring to still represent Pro Stainless through personal interaction.  And we work together so closely that we all know what is going on with each client.  Our employees have been with us for decades and are an integral part of what makes Pro Stainless a success to our clients and as a global fastener distributor.

Long-term relationships with our clients – When we started as a fastener distributor over 35 years ago, we cemented deals with handshakes and verbal promises.  Today, we are still proud of the relationships we have built over the years and continue to strengthen through our invaluable services and core beliefs of quality, integrity, knowledge, and stability.

Stock on Hand – Our warehouse supplies over 18,000 line items with an availability of supplying and distributing over 40,000 products. As a leading fastener distributor, it’s important to have parts available on time and in stock.

Programs to benefit our clients – Our Just in Time program allows clients to have inventory in stock and available to order through our easy-to-use mobile ordering system.  Our Kitting Program allows clients to customize parts, which saves money and makes sure all parts are available when you need them.

Experience – Pro Stainless has vast experience as a fastener distributor.  This means we are capable of handling large volumes, small volumes, unique fastener requests, emergency requests, and just about any other request that comes through our door.  We pride ourselves in making sure our vendors receive their parts on time and that the inventory is in the correct amount.  From the start of the experience through the end, our clients are treated with the utmost respect, and we hold to the highest standards of accountability, reliability, and service. Our support efforts are a focal point in helping our clients service their customer base.

If you want to learn more about what makes Pro Stainless a leading fastener distributor, or need help with your fastener needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pro Stainless
Pro Stainless
Pro Stainless is a leading supplier and distributor of fasteners for industrial applications.

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