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Meet the Team


Our vast experience makes us the best


Barry Grenier


Started in the fastener industry fresh from college in 1968. Worked for several fastener companies in the Bay Area before founding Pro Stainless in 1980.

Joe Cogar

General Manager

Joe began his fastener career in Las Vegas in 1977. Joe pursued a fastener job in CA in 1983 and has been the G.M. at Pro Stainless since 1987.

Alicia Castillo

Inside Sales / Asst. G.M.

Alicia started at Pro Stainless in 1989. Through her years, she has performed just about every task here. She now handles many of our largest customers.

Cassandra Wentworth

Inside sales

Cassandra started working at Pro Stainless in 2018 and has been a great addition to the sales staff.

Gabrielle Grenier

Inside Sales

John Malloy

Outside Sales

Before starting with Pro Stainless in 2003, John’s background was in the automotive parts industry. He worked in all facets of that business from sales to regional administration. His experiences translated well to the fastener world. John is a hands-on guy. He has helped many customers getting their stocking programs set up from the ground-up.

Erica Kramer


Erica started working at Pro Stainless in 2017. She started in the warehouse and has worked her way up into Purchasing.

Dina Cogar

Accounts Receivable

Dina came to Pro Stainless in 1997.

Shannon Goerss

Accounts Payable / HR

Shannon began in the fastener business in 1995. She has worked as an inside sales person for most of her career. She now handles Accounts Payable and HR.

Mark Wensmann

JIT Representative

Mark has been with Pro Stainless since 1989. He came to us from another company where he got his feet wet in the fastener business. Mark started in our warehouse and became our first JIT Representative over 20 years ago. He has grown with Pro Stainless and our customers. Mark is well known at all his customers’ locations and goes out of his way getting to know their needs.

Chris Maldonado

JIT Representative

Chris came to Pro Stainless in 1995. Though he had no fastener experience, Chris learned quickly and became part our expanding JIT department soon after. Chris is a problem solver. When issues come up, he will follow them through to completion. He works as an advocate for his customers and wants to keep them happy.


Rest of the Pro Stainless Team

The balance of the Pro Stainless team has been with us from 27 years to just 2 years. However, an employee who has been with us for 13 years still refers to himself as the “new” guy. This is a testament to the stability of our Pro Stainless staff.

If you have questions please call our friendly customer service: 408-437-0600