Kitting Program


Pro Stainless’ Kitting Program Provides a Valuable Service to Clients

When our customers started requesting individual items to be grouped, packaged, and supplied to them, we answered with a resounding, “Yes!” and so began our now, very successful, kitting program.

Kitting is a customizable kit of parts that is assembled and shipped as one unit. Such kits can be invaluable for customers who assemble, service, or repair equipment on location, by ensuring a technician on call has all parts that might be needed to complete the task, on-hand. There are many other instances where kits can be beneficial.

Our kitting program, in general, offers the following benefits:
  • Ensures the right parts are on hand for each job
  • Saves the customer time and hence money by not having to order and inventory each part separately
  • Can reduce the cost per unit
  • Improves production time by not having to wait for separate orders
Pro Stainless’ state-of-the-art kitting program provides professional and reliable solutions for helping you manage your inventory.

Kitting Options

Kits can be shipped in a variety of ways, usually driven by the number of parts or the intended end-use. Each option has its own advantages.

Typically the kits are shipped in one of the formats listed below but other options are available and we are welcome the opportunity to work with customers to develop an optimum solution that meets their needs.

Typical kits:
  • Single or multiple re-sealable bags - ideal for smaller kits
  • Mutliple re-sealable bags shipped in boxes to form comprehensive kits.
  • Plastic compartment boxes
  • Cabinets with trays/drawers
  • Parts secured to shipping boards via heat-shrinking
Pro Stainless’ personal attention to detail assures that each kitting order is processed efficiently and accurately by one of our dedicated warehouse staff.

Our rapid response rate allows clients to receive their kits on time, allowing them to service their clients immediately and cost-effectively. And with flexible, crossed-trained staff here to meet your needs, we can handle last minute requests.

If you have a need for such kits and would like to discuss how our kitting program could benefit you, please contact us.