Kitting Solution Saves Thousands of Dollars and Improves Efficiency, Trust, Reliance

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Kitting Solution Saves Thousands of Dollars and Improves Efficiency, Trust, Reliance

kitting program - compartment cases

Kitting Solution Saves Thousands of Dollars and Improves Efficiency, Trust, Reliance.

Scenario: A global customer wanted various fasteners shipped across seas in very specific quantities. Pro Stainless packed the fasteners and shipped them across seas in one plastic bag.  Every now and then, the customer returned the fasteners if the order included one too many parts, wasting valuable time and money and causing a delay to their customer. Today their kitting solution that has solved all the problems.


Pro Stainless understood that the customer wanted an exact count of fasteners and took extra time to count the parts and send them back if the parts were not correct. Pro Stainless further understood that a delay in shipping and packing the correct parts wasted time and money on both sides, as shipping overseas took a long time.  Pro Stainless also realized that having to re-do the order meant time wasted on other projects and a possible loss of the customer’s trust in the company.


The main problem with the way Pro Stainless was shipping the fastener order was that the quantity was not always accurate.  Sometimes an extra washer, screw, bolt, or other fastener would invariably get placed in the plastic bag.  The customer would open the single plastic bag to count each part and only accept the order if the count was 100% accurate. The frustration on both sides left Pro Stainless with a problem of how to accurately include all parts and seal them for shipment.


Pro Stainless created a packaging or kitting solution through their kitting program.  Each part of the fastener order was sealed in a separate compartment.  This compartmentalization made counting the fasteners easy and much faster than having all parts included in one bag. With accuracy improved, Pro Stainless went a step further to ensure 100% accuracy by having a second person manually count the parts and label the package as viewed a second time.

Pro Stainless kitting solution - sealed kits


Long Term Results

It’s been 20 years since Pro Stainless has had a customer return an order due to an incorrect quantity. The kitting program which compartmentalizes each part saves time and money by ensuring that all orders are correct.  Customers receive their fasteners quickly and service their clients without delay. The relationship between Pro Stainless and their global customer remains strong and loyal to this day.


If you want to learn more about the Pro Stainless kitting solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

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