Top 15 Reasons Your Company Can Benefit from our Just In Time Program

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Top 15 Reasons Your Company Can Benefit from our Just In Time Program

Just in time (JIT) program - Pro Stainless

Just In Time (JIT) is Pro Stainless’ fastener stocking program.

Created out of our customers’ needs to have inventory accessible to them all of the time, Just In Time eliminates many of the issues surrounding lack of inventory.

We have certified JIT representatives dedicated to your needs so you can always reach out to a person to answer any questions.

Fast and efficient, our JIT program has already saved an OEM over $200,000’s in administrative costs in just one year. Imagine what Pro Stainless’ Just In Time program can do for your business.

Still unsure if Just in Time is right for you?

Here is a list of the Top 15 Reasons Your Company Needs our Just in Time Program.

  1. Eliminates challenge to keep high volume, low-cost inventory filled.
  2. You will never be without the parts you need to complete a project.
  3. Saves money through lower freight costs.
  4. Eliminates need to order emergency parts.
  5. Re-allocates time, manpower, and money to attend to other company necessities.
  6. Downtime that wastes money, time, and productivity can be virtually eliminated.
  7. Customers will be able to count on you, which helps build relationships and repeat business.
  8. Orders are scanned and transmitted using a state-of-the-art app.
  9. Orders are received in the Pro Stainless warehouse in real time.
  10. Pro Stainless JIT representatives provide personal attention to restocking inventory.
  11. JIT representatives are trusted and knowledgeable and have over 20 years of experience.
  12. List of products are tailored toward each individual client.
  13. You control the spend with a not-to-exceed dollar amount.
  14. We can supply bins and label them with part numbers, description, and bar-codes for easy re-ordering.
  15. We have a list of references and testimonials to stand behind our state-of-the art system and customer service.

For more information about our JIT program, visit our JIT page or contact us.

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