Pro Stainless Makes a Global Impact

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Pro Stainless Makes a Global Impact

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Being in business for over 37 years, many companies have come to rely on Pro Stainless for their industry needs. 

From robotics, aerospace, engineering and medical devices to sound systems and music, transportation and alternative energy, we have partnered with some of the most dynamic clients eager to make a difference in the world.

There’s a reason our products have been chosen to represent some of the most cutting-edge technology. We literally hold everything in place.

Our customers rely on us to supply them with an inventory of choices- fasteners of many materials including stainless steel, metal, titanium, bronze, and plastic, electro-mechanical products such as wire ties and heat shrinking tubing, and various miscellaneous products such as aluminum foil and step stools! Our Just In Time fastener stocking program ensures their inventory never runs out, and our Kitting Program secures just the exact number of items all in one place.

Making a Difference in the World

When you read about Pro Stainless, you read about the products and services that we provide.  What you don’t read about are the countless ways we make a difference in your life.


When the Rockettes took the stage at Radio City Music Hall, we were there to witness and hear the music that keeps the talented dancers in-sync. Our association with the music industry has allowed countless people to enjoy their favorite tunes, hum their favorite songs, and sing to their heart’s content.

Alternative Energy

Crossing over the Altamont pass, you witness tall windmills churning with tremendous force. Over the years, these windmills have transformed into fewer but larger sources of alternative energy.   We are happy to have supplied the products to the windmills that provide countless people with the power to operate.  Solar panels the world over are absorbing sunlight and producing energy thanks, in part, to the products we have supplied.  Fuel cells and high efficiency LED lighting are also products which we have helped become more main-stream.

Advancements in Science

Being a people-first industry, we are proud of the efforts we maintain to help medical industries with the products they need to make advancements in science. Cancer research and treatments are true to our hearts, and we supply the essential products to assist in that industry.


When Ford created his first car, he made strides to make transportation efficient, convenient, and faster. Over 120 years later, we are seeing vast improvements in the ways we travel.  Pro Stainless maintains close working relationships with companies who continue to make impacts on the ways we will travel in the future.


What Ford was to cars, the Wright Brothers were to space. The fasteners that held their prototypes and plane together are archaic compared to what our customers use today. We are happy to lend our products to the aerospace industry.


When science and technology blend together to make a better structure, engine, or machine, Pro Stainless is there to support it.  Customers depend on our fasteners and JIT and Kitting Programs to produce results for customers in the engineering field.

Biotech and Medicine

We are extremely proud of our association with our customers in the biotech and medical industries.  These clients are improving peoples’ lives and in some cases, saving lives.  We are very happy to be in a position to help them in their noble works.

Partnerships for a Better Tomorrow

Our commitment and dedication to building a better tomorrow starts with our relationships with our customers. These are just a few of the industries we partner with to touch peoples’ lives. If we can help in any way to make the future more convenient, efficient, green, comfortable, or life-saving, we will go to great lengths to make this happen.

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Pro Stainless is a leading industrial fastener supplier with over 18,000 line items stocked. During the 36 years we have been in business, we have worked with clients to provide additional related services that go beyond what typical fastener distribution offers.  We have developed a Kitting program and a Just In Time stocking program which provide additional benefits and cost savings to our customers.

Pro Stainless
Pro Stainless
Pro Stainless is a leading supplier and distributor of fasteners for industrial applications.

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